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NYC Auto Leasing – Frequently Asked Questions

There are many people who are going to be using car leasing to get their first car ever. This means that you will only know what the internet and your friends have taught you about the process. Entering into this world with just this knowledge is probably going to come back and bite you in the behind at some point. You need to remedy this by getting to know as much as you can about the leasing process as well as the functions and benefits of different car leasing companies. This will help you save quite a lot of money as it will allow you to wise up to those companies that try to cheat you out of your hard earned cash. For example, here are some of the questions that our first time customers commonly ask our agents. They are answered as honestly and with as much detail as possible to help you be more attuned.

Will I be able to end my lease early?

Every now and then, we come across a customer who did not like the lease car they got from us. This is very rare indeed, because we can usually guarantee that our customers get the car they love. However, it is usually due to a psychological quirk known as “buyer’s remorse” and is out of our control in most cases. Of course, the immediate reaction would be to return the car to us. While this is very possible at our car leasing company we do not recommend it. When you end your auto lease early, you are going to wind up having to pay quite a lot in extra fees. We try to minimize the amount that you have to pay, but it is still going to be a drain on your resources. Instead of exiting early, we recommend that you do a lease transfer with us instead.

How updated is your range?

Very. Our range of vehicles is one of the most updated in the entire city. You can find every latest generation of car available for lease right here at Car Specials NYC. This is definitely the car leasing company that you need to come to whether it’s your first car or not. If you are someone who drives the best in class vehicles in the world, you can find all of them right here with us. Leasing with us is one of the best choices that you can make for your future in the automobile world. Contacting us will allow you to enjoy one of the widest and most updated ranges in the entire city.

If you are interested in finding out more about our policies when it comes to ending your lease early, or if you simply want to double check on the model years of the cars that we have in our range, feel free to call us. The number is 646-753-5197. Good luck!


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