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There are many car leasing agencies in NYC. Why, out of all of these options, would you contact Car Specials NYC? The answer is that we are one of the best car leasing companies in the city, plain and simple. No matter how much you try to compare us to your former favorite auto leasing agency you are going to keep coming to the same conclusion. We are the absolute best in our field in the city, and you can’t deny it. You will be looking for a way to start leasing with us in no time at all. This will be even truer when you find out exactly what our lease rates are like, and how our attractive policies can be customized to make our company an even better fit for you. Contacting us is one of the best choices that you will make in terms of your new car on any given day, so why not make it today? It is definitely one that you will not regret any time soon or in the future.

Best special offers in the city

We are one of those rare car leasing companies that love to have a little fun with our customers when they lease from us. Nothing pleases us more than seeing you drive away in your dream car with a huge smile on your face. In order to increase the likelihood of this happening, we make it a point to have as many special offers going on as we possibly can. You can find a whole range of auto leasing specials at our car leasing company at any given time. The best part is that most of these offers aren’t limited to a select few days of the year. They are there for entire seasons so that you can reap the benefits of leasing with the best auto leasing agency in the whole city. Our promotions and special offers are definitely something that you need to check out right now, because who doesn’t love saving money while getting their dream car?

We help you choose the right car

When you come to our car leasing company, it is going to be rather hard for you to pick the right. This is mainly because we have such a vast range of cars in our inventory. Of course, we aren’t pure evil. We won’t watch you struggle to pick the right car for you. Our car leasing agency will assist you in choosing the car that is the perfect fit for your budget and driving requirements. This is definitely a service that staff that are as highly trained as ours can offer to you, because we are able to analyze your needs like no one else can. If you want some help choosing the best car for you, or you need more information on the special offers that we have, call our trained agents right now on 646-753-5197.


Click here to view our lease specials !