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Car leasing deals in NYC

When you are looking for a lease car in the city of New York, you are going to be looking for the best deals. You need the best deals when you are buying anything, what with the state of the world right now. The prices are just too high to purchase a car outright anymore. When you lease with Car Specials NYC, you can be sure of getting the absolute best car leasing deals in the whole city. We are one of the best places to go in NYC when you are looking to get an amazing deal on your new lease car. Other companies try to match up to the deals we offer here, but they usually fail because we have leveraged the internet to eliminate the need for a physical outlet (and the costs that come with it). You need to start leasing with us right now, because you won’t get another opportunity to do this anywhere else in the city.

Best lease return policy anywhere

Of course, at the end of the lease period, there is a process called lease return. This is the name given to the procedure of returning the lease car to us. A normal car leasing agency would take this opportunity to smack down a large bill on your head for costs that you didn’t even know existed.

This is the wrong approach to take of course, and it is going to end with them losing a lot of business. We have a different policy when it comes to lease return. We try to be as lenient as possible. We do what we can to save you money, and this will pay off for us in the end when you bring your return business our way.

Huge range of vehicles right here

One of the best parts about our car leasing company is the huge range that we boast of in our store. We have a huge variety of vehicles in our inventory, and you can check them out at any time. All of these are available on the best car leasing deals in NYC. While many other car leasing companies boast about how they have the widest range in the city, almost all of them are not telling the truth. Having about 20 vehicles in a store on display doesn’t mean that they have a wide range.

We have a range that takes in over 40 different manufacturers of automobiles. This means that we have over 300 different types of cars in our store. THAT is what you call a huge range. Our vehicles are simply so numerous that you will probably have trouble picking the best one for you. If you want to know how many kinds of vehicle we have in our vast range, call us! The hotline is 646-753-5197, and our agents are always ready to help you out in whatever way you need when it comes to leasing your new car.


Click here to view our lease specials !